Over Three Decades of Expertise in Decorative Arts

About the Artist

James Cunningham

Artist and master craftsman James Cunningham brings over three decades of experience to the world of hand-crafted decorative and restorative design.  His unique eye has transformed hundreds of spaces — from petite condominiums to modest celebrity mansions. Long before “finishes” caught the American imagination, he had mastered classic European techniques and was passing the tradition on to others through his teachings. His enthusiasm to create the unimaginable results in his creation of signature techniques that keep pace or surpass constantly changing trends in interior design. His artistic influences span the globe and range from the classical to the contemporary, providing a broad palette with which to respond to any challenge.  James believes that the Renaissance tradition of creative finishes will continue to flourish and evolve in a world that continues to grow more industrialized, digitized, and removed from nature. “There will always be a human longing for personalization, hand craftsmanship, and aesthetic beauty.”